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Why Glasford?

Located in Santiago, Glasford International Chile offers its experience in locating and motivating PROFESSIONALS AND EXECUTIVES to fill positions in Companies located in Chile.

Quality First

Glasford International is committed to the highest standards of quality of service. Prior to undertaking a search, we carry out careful preparations to ensure that we have all the necessary information. In the course of the search, we are thorough and meticulous in our coverage of the market and in our assessment of candidates. We work quickly and efficiently, but never superficially. We allocate the necessary resources to a search so that speed and quality of delivery are never compromised. Nothing is left to chance; everything is done to ensure the best possible result.

Experience and commitment

We owe our success to the many years that have been spent building and maintaining a strong business network, to a close and highly personalized relationships we enjoy with both clients and candidates and to the heart and soul commitment which we bring to every new project. For optimum results, a senior project manager is assigned to each project, so that our clients have a single point of contact who is accessible at all times.


By appointing a dedicated consultant to each assignment, we ensure that the client is regularly kept informed of progress. Through information sharing and close interaction with the client at every stage in the search process, we ensure that the search is fully on track and on schedule to be completed within the agreed timeframe.

Short term actions long term results

We understand that clients expect quick results to meet their immediate needs. And we can respond to that requirement rapidly and efficiently. But we also understand that the true measure of our success is our ability to contribute to the long term business results of our clients, by finding high potential candidates who will grow and flourish in our clients’ organizations. That is why we come back to our clients and candidates, to evaluate progress and opportunities. And that is why many of our client and candidate relationships have developed into long term partnerships.

Market Intelligence

We devote considerable resources to developing our people through sharing knowledge and experiences. Our professional back-office systems incorporate state of the art technology to maximise the benefits of cross border synergies and knowledge management. We have a flat management structure allowing easy access to senior management. Glasford is not bound by any remote head office rigid philosophy. Consequently each Glasford office is able to customize and execute a search plan that is specific to the demands of each customer, taking regional and local needs into account.

Über uns


“Making people a priority and taking a long-term view of business decisions make Glasford International different from most executive search companies”.


“Reinforce brand awareness, identify sustainable competitive advantages, build customers relationships strategies, share best practises, provide the best candidate/client experience continue to be at the center of our actions.”


“Our core values – trust, integrity and results – will help us to intensify and strengthen our global client relationships, to expand our international access and to successfully establish highly sophisticated services in the fields of Executive Search and Assessments.”


«Glasford International Chile is led by a multidisciplinary team of HR consultants dedicated to providing the best executive search service on the market.”

Our Services


Our executive search service is a careful and focused approach to identifying and selecting exceptional executives who will drive the growth and success of your company.

Our process in detail:

We start with a thorough consultation process, where we work closely with your team to understand your specific requirements. Understanding your corporate culture, goals and values ​​allows us to define the ideal profile of the professional you are looking for.

Our team of experts conducts in-depth market research to identify talent both locally and globally. This strategic approach allows us to find candidates who are a perfect match for your company.

We conduct a thorough evaluation of potential candidates. This includes a detailed analysis of experience, past performance, leadership skills and cultural compatibility. We ensure that every candidate proposed meets the highest quality standards.

We present a selected list of highly qualified candidates who fit exactly into the specified profile. These individuals have been carefully evaluated and represent the best talent available.

We facilitate interviews, assessments and any other information of the process that you need. Our transparency ensures that you are fully informed and you can make informed decisions.

Once you have identified the ideal candidate, we will provide you with expert advice on negotiating and formulating the final offer. We make sure both parts are happy with the terms.

Our engagement doesn’t end with hiring. We conduct regular follow-ups to ensure successful integration and continued performance of the selected professional.

Rely on our executive search service to bring visionary leaders into your organization who will catalyze long-term success. We are committed to excellence, delivering exceptional results at every stage of the process. Contact us today to start the search for the perfect executive for your management team in Chile and worldwide.

We use guaranteed methods that support and ensure concrete results.This service includes access to an Online platform where our customers can centralize the information of the requests to remotely monitor the progress, the system can generate statistics, download reports and store historical data to be used in future references.

Search and selection of professionals for multinationals and local companies in Chile.



Our direct talent search service is a process whereby highly qualified professionals with specific experience are identified and hired to fill key positions within a company.

The main steps of the process are:

This involves defining the skills, experience, knowledge and competencies required to perform the position.

Once the desired profile is defined, an extensive research is conducted to identify the professionals who meet those requirements. This may include reviewing specialized databases, professional social networks, and personal contacts.

Once the potential candidates have been identified, an initial contact is made to determine their interest in the job posting and to verify that they meet the basic requirements.

In this phase, a more detailed evaluation of the selected candidates takes place through telephone or personal interviews. The aim is to find out about the professional career, outstanding achievements and cultural compatibility with the company.

After carrying out the relevant assessments, the candidates who best fit the profile sought are presented to the client. Detailed information on each item is provided along with recommendations based on the assessment performed.

The client conducts the closing interviews with the shortlisted candidates to assess their suitability and make a final decision.

Once the client has selected the ideal candidate, the process of negotiating salary and working conditions begins. We can act as an intermediary to facilitate discussions between both parties.

After hiring, a follow-up is carried out to ensure that both the candidate and the company are satisfied with the choice made.


We strive to provide effective solutions in Executive search, headhunting and personnel selection for positions with defined characteristics, be it technical, administrative or professional profiles.

We know that having the right talent is critical to the success of any business. That’s why we specialize in finding the candidates who best suit your needs.

Our recruiting approach is based on a rigorous methodology that allows us to identify and evaluate candidates with exactly the skills, experience and competencies your company needs. We take care to understand specific needs and analyze the labor market to find the best qualified professionals.

Motivating professionals and executives to fill positions in companies in Chile. Experience in finding and motivating professionals and executives to fill position in multinational groups and companies in Chile.  

Founded in the 1990s, we specialize in the search and selection of EXECUTIVES and professionals on an international and local level.

Glasford International is a global organization.

Our customers have direct access to one of our more than 600 specialized consultants building a long-term strategic relationship.

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Worldwide branches

Each country has its own unique culture and character. Anyone who works in a multinational company or wants to relocate their business to other countries must understand the requirements and peculiarities of the local market. With global coverage of around 30 offices, Glasford International is local and offers our clients executive search services. We offer a consistently professional service where our customers can fully rely on our team. We have offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, North America and South America. View all offices in Glasford

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